Supported Accommodation

Providing supported housing and flats to homeless individuals and families in Glenrothes



Supporting people in Glenrothes to lead healthy and independent lives



Connecting the Glenrothes community to social, educational and life skills opportunities


YMCA Policies

Child Sexual Exploitation Policy

This policy is for all volunteers, staff, parents, carers or other significant persons concerned with the welfare of young people at YMCA Glenrothes.

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Data Protection

The YMCA Glenrothes data protection policy.

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Equal Opportunities

This policy sets out how we will manage equality of opportunity within the YMCA Glenrothes.

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Social Media

The YMCA Glenrothes social media policy.

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Child Protection

Policy for the protection of Children and vulnerable Young People.

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Health & Safety

This policy ensures that our establishment and programmes comply with Health & Safety standards and that activities are carried out in such a manner that guarantees the health, safety and welfare of all staff and participants.

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Who We Work With