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Providing supported housing and flats to homeless individuals and families in Glenrothes



Supporting people in Glenrothes to lead healthy and independent lives



Connecting the Glenrothes community to social, educational and life skills opportunities


Our Projects

Y Academy

Connect. Learn. Support

In early 2017, YMCA Glenrothes secured funding from the Big Lottery Fund to support the delivery of the Y Academy.  The project outcomes aim to improve people’s confidence and sense of purpose, improve their physical and mental health and encourage participation within the local Glenrothes community. The long-term goal of the Y Academy is to increase stability for individuals affected by homelessness and to help people maintain their future tenancies.

The Y Academy is offered to individuals of any age, gender and background who are resident within the Y Supported Accommodation and Community Flats. The programme runs two days each week on a six week cycle and offers various activities targeted around the project outcomes. Activities include Outdoor Education, Physical Activities, Cooking, Goal Setting and Group Work Sessions aimed at improving tenancy management skills.

Already the  Y Academy has made a significant impact on the individuals involved

“I feel like people coming into the homeless (hostel) are a bit lost and I feel the group and workers give people a sense of purpose.”

“Being part of the Academy has really helped me; I think I’ve became a better person. To begin with I was like this is who I am; just accept it, but I realise now that you can’t be like that and you need to change your behaviour in certain places.”

YMusic Project

Changing the lives of young people through creativity and music.

Running every Tuesday night, The YMusic Project aims to equip and change the lives of young people.

The project enables young people to access free instrument lessons and offers the learning of various musical instruments, singing, production and live performance, as well as band rehearsal spaces.

It has also created a social hub for young people who are interested in music to hang out and enjoy themselves. The instrument lessons are delivered by local professional tutors who are passionate about their work here and are very excited to be a part of the project.

Y Music also provides education in high schools, providing one to one music lessons to students who are not able to take part in mainstream schooling. In addition to this the project supports the Y Academy, giving them access to musical instruments and inspiring them to learn new skills and be creative.

Peer Education

After participating in the Y Academy, many members have felt motivated and want to continue with the programme.  The Peer Education Programme enables participants to use their experience and motivation gained from the Academy to influence others.

The course allows participants to complete a training course delivered over 5 weeks where they learn and develop the required skills and qualities needed to become a Mentor.  The group are  now in the process of planning informal workshops and activities to be delivered to their peers.

I want to give something back to vulnerable people. I feel if they are going to listen to somebody then they will listen to me, somebody who has actually been through it.”

Y Supported Accommodation (YSA)

Supported temporary housing for those facing homelessness in Glenrothes.

YMCA Glenrothes has been managing homeless accommodation since 1992 and was the first Fife charity of its kind to offer shelter and support for vulnerable young homeless people in Fife. Today YMCA Glenrothes Supported Accommodation (YSA) provides temporary accommodation with support for up to 59 people each night in hostels and shared flats throughout Glenrothes and Leslie. The YMCA manages a dedicated female hostel for residents aged 16-50. The YMCA also supports 26 male residents in the same age range in a separate hostel. Both hostels are located in Glenrothes.

As well as the main hostels, housing management and support is provided for 20 people sharing 10 flats in Glenrothes and the surrounding areas.

Regardless of where a person is accommodated, all staff assist residents to improve their independent living skills. Support is provided by a friendly team consisting of Case Workers and Accommodation Workers who help residents with:

  • Cooking
  • Substance dependency
  • Neighbourhood relations
  • Tenancy and benefits management
  • Relationship issues
  • Housekeeping
  • Employability management of debt and income
Homeless Accommodation

Thinking Differently Project

Promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing alcohol harms.

Thinking Differently was initially funded in 2013, as one of three projects piloting new approaches to reducing alcohol and health harms across Scotland. Its aim is to engage young people, parents and families in a broad range of alcohol and health related learning opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce alcohol harms.

Within the Thinking Differently project we run a number of successful programmes such as:

  • Peer Education Programmes
  • Teen Parent Group – centred on themes of parenting, health and lifestyle choices
  • Family Learning
  • Alcohol and health training for parents – includes Alcohol Brief Interventions
  • Alcohol and health awareness sessions
  • Creating local messages on alcohol and health – radio adverts, social media campaigns
  • Summer and Easter activities for families

Based on the positive impact these programmes have had on the local community, this work will continue until 2019.

Empty Homes Project

Transforming empty houses into homes for individuals who have experienced homelessness.

YMCA Glenrothes is actively responding to the issue of homelessness in Fife through its ‘Empty Homes’ renovation programme. Through this initiative, with support from grant makers and trusts, we refurbish empty properties and transforms them into longer term tenancies for Fife people who have experienced homelessness.

This past year, YMCA Glenrothes has enabled two homeless people to move into and live in affordable, safe and energy- efficient homes which are owned and managed appropriately by the charity.

Residents of YMCA renovated homes are introduced to local learning, leisure and health activities. They can get to know their neighbours, because of the support YMCA provides. The YMCA assists prospective tenants in obtaining a bond for their deposit, so that occupancy of their new home can take place immediately.

The YMCA wishes to launch a ten year programme of renovation in the community and has funding applications pending. The charity is grateful to these grant makers fortheir support to date.

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